I sometimes think I'm living in a circus. No...I sometimes think I'm living in a circus on another planet!

I wandered into my lounge for just 2 minutes yesterday, and in that short time heard Malema on TV utter a statement to a large crowd of florid followers that stopped me dead in my tracks. He said something like: "The reason there are so many of you here today who are unemployed is because you have no land. Once you have your own land, you can work it, and you will be fine. Because with land comes dignity!" And the crowd roared their approval.

Does this oke have exclusivity on inane platitudes and promises or what?!!!

let's examine his statement for a moment, starting with LAND. Is he suggesting that millions of unskilled people, given a parcel of bare earth will suddenly be "employed"? Or is he proposing that these unskilled millions will, overnight, become subsistence farmers and live happily ever after on cabbage and goats cheese? Or perhaps he believes there are many other things that people might do with open land to qualify as being employed. Well self-employed at least. Things like... LAWN MOWING LESSONS. FIRST-HAND INSTRUCTION IN SOIL-EROSION. GOAT MILKING COMPETITIONS. SMALL SCALE MINING. I really don't know. But the truth is that all these poor, unskilled, uneducated people will do with a piece of land is build shacks on it using discarded road-signs and coffee tins. So all Messiah Malema will have achieved, if God-forbid he ever gets it right, is turn South Africa into one big mjondolo (squatter camp).

Now let's examine the DIGNITY he speaks of. I perfectly understand that, after our dreadful past, there are many people in this country who could use some dignity, but let's look at the DIGNITY which comes with land, and see how it can possibly lead to employment? Is DIGNITY a massive international company looking to employ thousands of unskilled labourers? No. Is DIGNITY a multinational bank which offers free loans to uplift impoverished communities? No. Is DIGNITY an international charity working to alleviate inequality in Africa? No. Is DIGNITY a privately funded Institute of Learning offering basic and tertiary education at no cost? No. Is DIGNITY a new political party, like the EFF, offering hollow promises? Possibly. So, in conclusion, all the great Messiah Malema is really offering his adoring masses is sand and short-lived satisfaction.