Whenever I’m feeling particularly overwrought some deep instinct tells me I need a good cry. And sooner or later it happens. Understand that I’m not one of those guys who pretend not to cry. In fact I love it. It’s such a wonderful emotional release.

As important as sneezing, coughing, passing wind, belching and the rest, but on an emotional level. Yes, without putting too fine a point on it, it’s like taking an emotional number two. Very necessary because the alternative is emotional constipation which may be one of the leading causes of death in this world. Other peoples' death! Think about how much more pleasant the world would be if cowboys DID cry. So many males are hell-bent on a frame of mind as far away from tears and sentimentality and as close to macho toughness as they can possibly find. Why? When exactly did the male of the species decide that there was absolutely no need to express themselves with tears when a good dose of anger and violence would suffice? To be honest, my idea of a bar-room brawl is when all the male customers burst into tears simultaneously.

Destructive emotional release may just be the cornerstone of most of this world's ills. Imagine if two guys got into a heated religious or political argument, and just as it got to boiling point they broke down crying. Well you can laugh, but the end result would be exactly the same. Without the bloodshed. But tears are not just a great alternative to violence. Hell, I’ll get a little teary about a great line in a book or a particularly stirring song, and even in an advert on TV. In fact, tears are a great way to express happiness!

So give it a go guys. The world could be a much softer place. Hard & tough are words which are SO overrated.

I suspect you know exactly what I'm talking about. Because, if the truth be told, the maxim Cowboys Don't Cry, should actually be Cowboys TRY NOT TO Cry.